Our idea of Marketing

We have been focusing on marketing and monetizing trade show platforms (online, mobile and print) for more than 15 years. Our track record of successful marketing and sales projects is based on three essential components:

  1. Attractive media bundles (content & price)
  2. Professional sales management (communication & monitoring)
  3. Experienced sales team (multilingual & trade show expertise)

Our marketing and sales projects are always individually customized to reflect the specific goals of each client.

Online, Mobile, Print - ONE workflow

Based on a special CRM system for trade show business we are able to deliver successful marketing and sales services to various trade shows – national and international ones, niche as well as large events, B2B and B2C. Our service portfolio covers:

  • Conception of professional media kits, including review and benchmarking of pricing structure
  • Creation of sales documents, such as landing pages and mailings
  • Analysis and clustering of relevant target groups including potential sales volume
  • Development of sales and communication guidelines
  • Multilingual marketing consulting and telesales
  • Ad server operations and campaign management
  • Monitoring and measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs)


Technology >>

Webpages and directories for desktop, tablet and smartphone users: Present your trade show with just one solution optimized for all devices.

Content >>

Industry content, whitepaper, floor plans and company profiles. We generate and update high quality content for your webpages and directories – within all relevant languages.

Consulting >>

Based on our extensive experience within the trade show and publishing industry, we develop innovative concepts for your business and your specific target groups.

Contact us

Doris Beckmann von ngn
Doris Beckmann
Managing Director
  +49 30 890 481 153
Matthias Bauer von ngn
Matthias Bauer
Managing Director
  +49 931 418 2480
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